The Treatment for Teeth Grinding Lies in an Anti-Wrinkle Jab

The Treatment for Teeth Grinding Lies in an Anti-Wrinkle Jab


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Teeth grinding (bruxism) commonly occurs when you are asleep. There are many treatments and exercises that can stop it. Some remedies may work better than others, depending on the cause of your teeth grinding.

The treatment for teeth grinding lies in an anti-wrinkle jab


Some possible causes of teeth grinding include stress, smoking, heavy alcohol drinking and sleep disorders. It has been found that 70% of people clench and grind their teeth due to stress and anxiety.

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Side Effects & Complications

Teeth grinding can lead to a variety of side effects, including headaches, wearing down of the teeth and breakage of fillings or crowns.

The risk of complications from teeth grinding may increase if you have untreated bruxism. Complications include facial muscle enlargement and damage to your teeth.

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Solutions to Teeth Grinding

  1. Mouthguards

Mouthguards may be useful for sleep bruxism. They cushion your teeth during your sleep and may reduce the strain on your jaw. Custom-made mouthguards may be a better choice for people with chronic sleep bruxism. These mouthguards are fitted specifically to your jaw’s size and shape.

  1. Masseter Botox

Researchers have found evidence that BOTOX® treatments may reduce pain and help with bruxism. As results may vary, consult your doctor before beginning BOTOX® injections to treat bruxism. The treatment includes small amounts of BOTOX® being injected into the masseter. This is a large muscle that moves the jaw. BOTOX® will relax this muscle, which may alleviate teeth grinding and headache.

Not only will Masseter Botox alleviate these pains, but you will also achieve a slimmer and sharper jawline.

  1. V-Sculpt Program

Another popular treatment that can help in shaping a defined jawline is the V-Sculpt Program. Bid adieu to your wrinkles with this powerful program, consisting of:


A small amount of BOTOX® microinjections will deliver a soft facial contour.


Uses BOTOX® microinjections and a facial to sculpt, lift and refine your visage.


Uses BOTOX® microinjections, Ulthera and a facial to sculpt, lift and refine for natural ageless grace.

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