Popular treatments for achieving a V-shaped face

Popular treatments for achieving a V-shaped face


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A V-shape face is one of the most popular requests from women from all walks of life. It is desired by many as it gives the appearance of being slimmer, and hence more youthful. 

The V-shape face is characterised by a tapered jawline and pronounced cheekbones, popularized in Asian culture. This facial structure is also seen to signify femininity and gentleness, virtues both male and female counterparts seek. 

When achieving a V-shape face, surgical procedures to reduce the jaw or add implants to the chin often come to mind. If long recovery times and undergoing anesthesia aren’t your cup of tea, non-surgical options are available to help you achieve the coveted V-shape face.



A non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, Thermatight uses radiofrequency energy to penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening without surgery, injections and downtime. 

Thermatight is FDA-approved to smoothen out lines and wrinkles, and also improve facial contours for a better-defined jawline. The treatment tip used in this 30 to 60-minute procedure uniformly heats a large volume of collagen in deeper layers of the skin and its underlying tissue to effect immediate tightening. Over a 3 to 6-month period, more new collagen forms and you will notice tighter, firmer skin. 


Another popular treatment option is Ultralift, which uses medical ultrasound energy to effect cosmetic improvement in the skin by stimulating collagen production while tightening and lifting sagging skin for a more defined jowl. 

An applicator is placed on your skin to deliver low levels of focused heat at just the right depth below the skin. Your body responds by growing new collagen, skin tightening gradually occurs and over time, you will notice a natural lift and improved skin conditioning. Give the treatment 2 to 3 months before you can appreciate the full results from the Ultralift treatment

Botulinum Toxin 

Individuals with a squarish jawline or squarish face shape due to strong masseter muscles located at the side of the jaw and are responsible for chewing, can benefit from botulinum toxin injections to slim the jawline. 

Botulinum Toxin is a type of neurotoxin, and when injected directly to the masseter muscles will relax and temporarily weaken the muscle. As the muscle’s activity decreases, it goes through a process of muscle atrophy where the muscle reduces in size. This results in a slimmer face and the effect of a V-shape face. 

The procedure is quick with little to no downtime, and you will notice a difference in your jawline in as little as one week post-treatment.  


Fillers, specifically chin fillers is a popular chin augmentation procedure widely practised internationally to help achieve a more aesthetically pleasing chin. The objective of using chin fillers is to improve one’s facial proportions and enhance the lower face, improving the appearance of a V-shape face.   

Using only FDA-approved fillers, our doctor will assess the individual and determine the best type of fillers, injection technique, and product placement to offer the best possible outcome for the patient. 


As we age, you may notice that the skin is not as taut as it used to be, and the jawline is not as defined as before. Sagging skin can affect the appearance of one’s facial contours. Facial threadlift procedures here in Singapore such as Infinity Instalift is specifically designed to address such concerns in the face and neck. 

Infinity Instalift works by creating a scaffold to support weakened tissues, to lift and reposition the skin in a more youthful manner. This procedure also works to sculpt and redefine facial features that have become saggy with age, such as droopy cheeks. 

The lifting effect from Infinity Instalift is immediate – a doctor inserts the threads under the skin at a precise depth and position to lift saggy tissues to an optimal position, restoring a beautifully defined V-shape face. The number of Infinity threads used will depend on your desired results.

The threads used will be absorbed into the body, stimulating collagen production for firmer skin and reduced lines and wrinkles. 

Short of going under the knife, Infinity Instalift is a very popular option to achieve a facelift without surgery. The results are completely customisable, and are natural and long-lasting.


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