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How To Get A V-Shaped Face Without Surgery


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If there’s one beauty trend that hasn’t let up over the years, it’s the quest for a V-shaped face! What started off initially as a face shape coveted by Korean celebrities has evolved to become the very definition of beauty for most Asian women. 

Now, while going under the scalpel is one way to get your face sculpted, the non surgical mode is gaining popularity rapidly too. Whether it’s down to no complications or the use of the latest technology that gives exceptional results, the surge in non-surgical v-shape face treatments in Singapore has been exponential.

Why Does Everyone Want A V-Shaped Face?

Some say it was K-pop that was responsible for making V the most aspired face shape. As the name suggests, the V-shaped face is a slim and elongated face that narrows down to a sharp chin – much like the alphabet V. 

This face shape is seen as attractive not just in Asia, but also in the West as a smaller chin denotes youthfulness and accentuates other facial features. Also, as we age, the fat beneath our skin shifts with loss in laxity. 

This leads to what is often called the inverted triangle of youth, where the face is broader with a saggy jawline. A V-shaped face on the other hand is seen as slimmer, more youthful and hence the definition of femininity. 

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Diet Adjustments that can help with Face Slimming

While facial yoga and massages can contribute to achieving a V-shaped face, it’s essential to recognise that overall health plays a significant role in facial appearance. 

Here’s how diet adjustments can help.

  1. Manage overall weight

Excess weight can contribute to a rounder face shape. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can reduce the appearance of excess fat and promote a more defined facial contour.

  1. Reduce sodium intake

High sodium consumption causes water retention and bloating, leading to facial puffiness. Limit your intake of processed foods to minimise water retention and promote a more chiselled facial appearance.

  1. Focus on hydration

Drinking enough water supports healthy skin elasticity. Hydrated skin looks supple and firm, enhancing your facial features.

  1. Emphasise a nutrient-rich diet

A diet rich in vegetables and proteins contributes to a radiant complexion and can help maintain a youthful appearance.

  1. Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods

Chronic inflammation can lead to facial bloating and puffiness. Including anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy greens and nuts can help reduce inflammation and support a more sculpted facial structure.

  1. Minimise alcohol and caffeine

Excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption can dehydrate the body and lead to facial bloating. Moderation is key, so limit your intake of these substances to maintain a more defined facial contour.

Non-Surgical V-Shape Face Treatments

You may have already heard of Botox being used to shape the face, and it is just one of the many other options when it comes to non surgical shaping of a V. Thanks to medical advances, it is relatively easy to sculpt one’s chin and a V-shaped face can be achieved in multiple ways. 

For instance, the V-Sculpt Facial Program is essentially a series of botox injections that are crafted and positioned in such a way that you get your dreamy new chin – and pointed at that.

Fillers can also complement Botox injections for a dramatic transformation in a person’s chin. Botox injections will help to relax the masseter muscles, reducing bulk in the cheeks, giving the appearance of a defined jawline. Fillers can compliment this by being injected into the chin to create the tip of the V to enhance the appearance of the chin.

Another popular option is to use Ultherapy, a non-invasive, FDA-approved ultrasound-based skin lifting that works deep below the surface of the skin and achieves dramatic, long lasting facial firmness, skin tightening, lifting and contouring. This treatment contracts saggy and loose skin as well as stimulates new collagen production in the deep supportive layers of the skin. 

As a result, sagging skin along the jawline can be tightened and lifted, that in turn creates an aesthetically pleasing V-shaped face. Other than sculpting your face to the desired V-shape, Ultherapy is an excellent option for taking years off your face. It is truly the non surgical facelift of your dreams! 

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Non-Surgical Versus The Surgical Route

Would you really opt for a surgical procedure if similar results could be achieved with just a few injections? Botox injections offer a super-quick and safe alternative to surgical jaw shaping. By reducing the strength and action of the masseter muscle (the same muscles we use for chewing), botox injections can help make the muscle less obvious in size. Invest in the V-Sculpt facial program at SW1 Clinic, and you’ll get a series of botox and facial treatments that will get you closer to a softer, more delicate jawline over time. 

Similarly, Ultherapy gives your skin a chance to be lifted, and contoured into a V-shape  with the use of ultrasound. No long recovery periods or the risks that come with surgery, this non surgical route to a face lift, is as popular with celebrities as it is with common folks like you and me in Singapore. 

Where Can I Get A V-Shaped Face Without Surgery?

While it may have started off as a Korean phenomena, the quest for a V-shaped face is pretty universal. Singapore houses some of the best doctors and aestheticians in the world who are industry leaders in the latest trends and cosmetic technology. Plenty of tourists come to Singapore just for aesthetic treatments as the standards of practice are far superior than most counterparts – in the West or in Asia. 

When it comes to looking for who to trust in Singapore for a cosmetic procedure, the general advice is to research, research and research. Go with someone who has the experience of managing these treatments, across skin and face types. Read up online for reviews,  word of mouth recommendations and most importantly do not settle for anyone without a medical degree. 

Although Botox  and Ultherapy may be seemingly harmless procedures, the results of  your treatment lies solely in the hands of your skilled physician. Serious side effects are rare but should these happen, a doctor and a well equipped clinic will be able to handle these like no other. 

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