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Here’s how you can achieve younger looking skin in 2021


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How far would you go for younger looking skin? As the options increase thanks to medical advancements, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll be lost for choice. We’ve narrowed down our top 3 favourites that will give you smoother, younger looking skin for the new year.

Beyond a diligent skincare routine, a little more help in the technology department can frog leap your results that’ll have you looking your best in 2021.

Here’s how you can achieve younger looking skin in 2021

#1 Baby Face Fat Grafting

Baby face fat grafting lets you have your cake and eat it. Harvesting fat from parts of your body with a little more fat than you’d like (such as your thighs and tummy area), the fat is filtered and purified using a Puregraft System and then injected through a series of carefully placed microinjections.

This process will help to restore and replenish your face’s lost youth and vitality. Performed by a plastic surgeon, this procedure requires light sedation with some swelling and bruising to be expected for up to 7 days.

You’ll appreciate optimal results 3 months post procedure, with younger looking skin and a more aesthetically pleasing profile to show for it.

#2 Facial Filler Beautification

We’ve always thought of using fillers to treat and fill one specific part of the face, like your lips, nose and chin. But what if I told you there now is a program to help you utilise the full range of fillers available to create the most pleasing, youthful outcome for you?

Facial filler beautification is such a program customised for every individual’s face and needs. It’s tailored to address the concerns of aging through a series of filler sessions to bring out the beauty potential of your face.

The program first starts off with foundational fillers to improve the support of your skin’s structure, followed by lifting fillers to give your face a lift. Finally other aesthetic concerns will be addressed through a series of countouring and beautification fillers to refine the final look.

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#3 Ultherapy

Talk about a treatment that never goes out of style. Ultherapy is an FDA-approved ultrasound-based skin lifting treatment that stimulates the production of collagen. This results in skin firming, skin tightening and skin lifting effects.

It can even be used around the eye area to lift the brow line to reduce droopiness of the eyelids and smoothening of crow’s feet for a more refreshed appearance. Additional benefits of Ultherapy include improved facial definition, skin texture and evenness.

The treatment takes around 60 minutes with some mild flushing after but the redness will subside after a few hours.


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