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Clear Brilliance: The secret to glowing skin


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Achieving the ethereal glow may seem out of reach but with one of SW1’s latest laser treatments, Clear Brilliance, radiant skin could be yours. This innovative procedure works by targeting a range of skin concerns, from pigmentation to uneven skin texture and enlarged pores, all of which prevent your skin from achieving a luminous glow.

What is Clear Brilliance?

FDA-approved in 2011, Clear Brilliance is a milder version of other fractional laser treatments out there, making it a popular option for those looking to resurface their skin without any downtime.

Clear Brilliance is designed to tackle early signs of aging and sun damage, enhance skin tone and texture, minimise pore size and stimulate collagen production to reveal a fresh, youthful complexion. The fractional laser technology creates many miniscule treatment zones in the top layers of the skin to replace damaged skin cells with healthy, glowing skin.

The treatment is known for its comfort, speed and effectiveness which makes Clear Brilliance highly sought after.

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Who can benefit from Clear Brilliance?

Thanks to the versatility of Clear Brilliance, it can be used to treat an array of skin concerns no matter your skin type and tone.

This procedure is suited for anyone 20 and above looking to address anti-ageing concerns, and also those looking to improve acne and acne scars. You can think of this treatment as being more than a chemical peel to refresh your skin but with less intensity and downtime than your regular skin resurfacing lasers.

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What is the procedure like?

Before the treatment, your skin will be assessed by an aesthetic doctor to determine suitability. After which your skin will be cleansed and numbed for maximum comfort.

The procedure is quick, and takes around 30 to 45 minutes. There is no downtime and you can go back to regular activities after the treatment. However, sun protection is crucial as with every laser treatment now that your skin is more delicate and sensitive. Opt for daily and regular re-application of SPF 50, with daily Vitamin C serum applied to the skin for enhanced results.

To book an appointment or to find out more about Clear Brilliance, contact SW1 Clinic at 6817 888 or email

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