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B for Botox: 5 Myths Around Botox that Need to Be Busted


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In a world taken over by selfies and Instagram profiles, B often stands for Botox. This multi-billion dollar industry driver has an increasing fan following that just doesn’t seem to let up. Saying that, getting Botox injections comes with a certain amount of risk and any medical practitioner should help you evaluate whether you are the right candidate for its use. 

With easy access to everything beauty including Botox injectables, there is plenty of wrongful advice doing the rounds. 

These 5 myths are ones we needed to bust – read on, and be armed with the right information the next time you decide to try the wonder drug that is Botox.

You Don’t Always a Need a Doctor for Botox



Beauty now has an all access pass making injectables easily available at spas, medi-spas and even home service salons! The one thing to remember though is that Botox is a medical grade drug that comes with its fair share of complications when not administered correctly. Aside from plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors and specialists, you should not be getting a Botox jab from anyone sans a medical degree. 

Lower the price tag, the higher the chances that its not high quality! Discounts may seem very attractive but when it comes to injecting your skin with a toxin, we would rather pay more than less. If the injection is not performed by a medical practitioner, there are higher chances of issues around sanitation, and the quality of product used. A medical professional will also understand the side effects that come with the drug and have the right equipment and medical know how to manage such eventualities. No matter what anyone says – Botox needs a doctor! 


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Botox has to be in high doses or it is ineffective


Remember how Nicole Kidman says she got Botox once but it left her with no facial movement? That is exactly the type of reaction you want to avoid with this muscle relaxant! This is why the dose in which Botox is used makes as much difference as the location of the jab. Smaller, minute doses also called Baby Botox are an excellent way to achieve a more graceful, youth enhancing expression. Don’t fall for someone who says the amount needs to be more! For a skilled doctor, the ability to use micro doses that achieve natural effects should be a skillset to boast about rather than the other way around.


Botox is just a facial filler, that has a line of horror stories to its credit


This one really makes us roll our eyes. For a powerful drug that has changed millions of lives, Botox sure gets a bad rap. Yes, there are horror stories but there are also a million other success tales that we don’t get to hear. If anything, the bad PR should make us more cautious about the practitioner we choose! 

Botox when done right, is very safe. In fact it had an established 10 year safety data for the treatment of ophthalmic disorders, long before it was used for cosmetic purposes. Current uses for Botox include treatment of adult spasticity, excessive sweating, migraine headaches, teeth grinding and even juvenile cerebral palsy. 


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Botox is for old people



Look around you! Botox is the drug of choice for a number of young millenials and works as an excellent antidote to ageing. This muscle relaxant eases up your facial expressions, thereby stopping your muscles from forming creases and the tell tale signs of growing old aka frown lines and wrinkles. By ensuring you have Botox injections from a younger age, customers feel they stop this continuous use of muscle groups thereby easing up on the lines. Prevention is indeed better than cure and a number of youngsters are embracing Botox like never before!


Botox is reversible


Don’t let anyone tell you that Botox is reversible. Botox will relax your muscle groups for at least 4-6 months with no way to pull back once the dose has been administered. The solution is to opt for smaller doses to see the real effect of the drug – you can always top up more should you feel it’s not enough! Doctors will often prescribe natural Hyaluronic Acid fillers instead if they feel you need a natural filler fix. What’s more Natural Fillers are very much reversible should you not like the effect. 

Whether or not you need Botox comes down to your expectations and your Doctor’s recommendations. 


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