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3 Facials for Perfect Skin


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When it comes to purging pores and giving your skin a good detox, nothing beats an in-clinic facial. In addition to giving skin a thorough cleaning, it also gives your skin a fresh start. By removing dead cells, your skin is better able to absorb serums and creams, and harness the benefits of its active ingredients.

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We recommend:

Aqua.dermabrasion: Besides using 3 different jet sprays of saline with target clogged pores, dead cells and lackluster skin, the suction gently lifts dirt and stimulates blood circulation for that clean, fresh finish.

Key strengths:

Gentle cleansing that proves its muscle with its long-lasting skin clearing benefits.

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There is a difference between average skin and glowing skin. It’s a quality that escapes words. But once you’ve had it, you won’t want to live without it. Glowing skin looks healthier and more youthful. Without makeup, it imparts a fresh faced effect. With makeup application, cosmetics sit much better, imparting a flawless rather than a cakey finish.

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We recommend:

Deep Red Facial harnesses aesthetic technology every step of the way. Incorporating clinical not salon grade LED Red light to rejuvenate skin, it also infuses vital vitamins and nutrients into the skin using sound waves. This facials is like a clinical treatment masquerading as a facial. Gives the benefits of glowing skin without downtime, discomfort and a huge price tag. What’s there not to love?

Key strengths:

Rejuvenative benefits harnessing LED Red photobiomodulation for a deep, lasting glow.

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Lightening skin goes beyond concealing blemishes with makeup. Healthy, unblemished skin is not only even toned, it also has a luminous dewy quality to it. This is because truly healthy and youthful skin is naturally fair and radiant. To lighten skin optimally, treatments must target deep within the skin to effect a long lasting and profound change.

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We recommend:

Pearl eclat is a 10 min add-on therapy, that imparts immense benefits in a short time. Best done after a cleaning facial or a laser, it uses active glutathione and stem cell extracts to boost skin health, paving the way for brighter and whiter skin.

Key strengths:

Besides its brightening and lightening prowess, Pearl eclat boosts overall skin health and fortifies dermal strength, so skin looks supple and hydrated.

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